Hello, I am the owner of the page: http://www.facebook.com/MySuperPsychoSweet16Part4 Please check it out!!!!!!! The page is about getting likes to produce a MSPS16: 4. Here is my plot if they were to make a sequal. Enjoy :D :D

After surviving the Roller Dome, Boneyard Party, and her demented sisters' Sweet 16 , Skye finally gets to college with Sienna. She's doing really well in school and has had people buy her work. Other then Sienna she makes another new friend, Kelly, who lives in a Sorority. On wednesday, Kelly tells Skye her Sorority is throwing the biggest end of the year party on Saturday and that she and Sienna should come. The is also for Kelly's little sister Rachel because it's Rachel's 16th Birthday. On Saturday Skye decides to go. There are hundreds of people there but only one knows Skye's secret...Sienna. But when the guests start dissappearing and turning up dead, The truth about Skye comes out. But as Skye is getting blamed for all the murders, Someone else is behind it all, Showing Skye she'll never be able to escape her fathers' reign of terror.

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