Courtney Ramirez is a character from the My Super Psycho Sweet 16 2 and is the girlfriend of Derek. She Is Later seen at The BoneYard When She Over Heres Alex Talking To A Girl She Then Says You Know Psycho Rotter Alex Says Who's Psycho Rotter Courtney Describes Skye Derek Says She Means Skye Alex Asks Why She Called Her Psycho Rotter Courtney Asks If She Knows About The RollerDome Or About The Lord Of The Rink Alex's Wants Know More She Is Later Trying To Call The Cops On Skye But Derek Calms Her Down Charlie Comes And Kills Derek Courtney Runs To The Back Kitchen She Finds James Corpse She Runs Into A Meat Tenderizer Held By Rotter He Then Smashes Her Face and she bleeds out.

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 3[edit | edit source]

Her death is mentioned in Part 3 by Alex

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