Charlie is Skye's father and the main antagonist of the first two films.

Charlie Rotter
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Portrayed by

Alex Van

First Appearance

My Super Psycho Sweet 16

Last Appearance

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 (Physical)

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 Flashback



Super Psycho Sweet 16[edit | edit source]

Charlie Rotter was the manager of the Roller-dome, a popular hangout spot for teenagers. He appeared at many children’s parties as the “Lord of the rink” a costumed character that resembled a medieval knight. Rotter suffered from mental insanity and began to view teenagers as spoiled brats and by the start of the movie had already killed four teens. Despite his increasing instability, Charlie was deeply devoted to and loved his daughter Skye. After being humiliated a the party of a boy named Craig in front of Skye, he killed him and his girlfriend when they broke into the roller-dome later that night. However Skye having witnessed her fathers actions had called the police and tearfully watched as he was taken away in handcuffs.

Rotter was imprisoned and tried, however before he could be sentenced the prison bus carrying him crashed and exploded. This left the bodies unidentifiable and it was assumed Rotter had died in the blaze. Charlie had in fact survived and took up residence in the now abandoned Roller-dome. Six years later a spoiled rich teen named Madison Penrose wanted to reopen the Roller-dome for her sweet sixteen birthday party. This caused Charlie to come out of hiding and donning his Lord of the rink costume, slaughtered several of Madison‘s friends at the party before being reunited with his now teenage daughter Skye. Rotter tried to urge Skye to kill Madison and have her see things from his twisted point of view. Skye tricked her father and attempted to free Madison who was continuously insulting to Skye and even shoved her out the way to save herself. Skye having had enough of Madisons vile behaviour locked her in the Roller-dome basement with her father and left her to die. Charlie slit Madison’s throat and left her corpse in the basement while he escaped before the police arrived.

Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2[edit | edit source]

Death[edit | edit source]

Stabbed in Heart

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

i Could't Miss Your Special Day

I Gave Them What They Deserve

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's never actually stated why Charlie killed people. 

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