• Ilovehunterclarington

    My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is a Horror slasher thriller TV film and is the sequel to My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3. It is Directed by Jacob Gentry and Written by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas. The film stars Lauren McKnight, Chris Zylka and Jillian Rose Reed.

    The film opens with Skye and Sienna outside the Mental Hospital where they go to the hospital to visit Brigg and Brigg tells them to go to Bea's Sweet 16. Brigg, Skye and Sienna is in the car and travelling where they find a stranger named Jason and they ask him if he know where the 16 is and Jason tells them where.

    They came to Bea's Sweet 16 at morning where they met John, Bea, Cindy and the others. the night turns deadly and Ashley decided to call others where Jason appear behind her…

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  • Angry birds12

    Sorry if I copied your idea Tommy but I thought of this idea and I HAD to get it down on "paper".

    I one year after the massacre at Alex's grandparetn's house, Skye has been attemding her college and is now engaged to Brigg. Sienna is having a massive 21st birthday party with Skye and her mutual friends, Kassie and her boyfriend Derek, the slightly gecky Beth, Eric, the wild blonde Amber, Nathan, Virginia and Denny. But diva Megan shows up uninvited with her jock boyfriend Chris. News of this party reaches Alex, how's currently being housed in a mental instatution. Alex can't resist this perfect oppertunity and escapes.

    Meanwhile at the party (located at Sienna's rich uncle's house) Megan starts ruining the party by "accidently" spilling her …

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  • Tommyboy97

    Okay without further ado here is what I would like to happen if they made a Super Psycho 4!!! A rich teenager named Dimitri Rotter lives in New York City. His father is Gregory Rotter, the brother of the infamous Charlie Rotter who killed nineteen people over a course of ten years. Dimitri meets his cousin Skye, the daughter of Charlie, who is currently attending Art School in New York with her best friend Sienna. When Dimitri and his Gregory get back home to their penthouse Gregory tells Dimitri that his company is shipping them to Atlanta. Dimitri is excited to make a fresh start and maybe make some new friends in Atlanta.

    Three months later, Dimitri and Gregory are living in Atlanta. Dimitri is constantly bullied by a boy named Justin Pe…

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